Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: Lasers Can Treat Them All

Nobody is fully happy with their skin, and it’s common to have at least one or more issues with its overall appearance. But what if we told you that laser therapy is an option for treating spots, scars, stretch marks, and a host of other problems so that you can truly begin to love your skin as you were always meant to do?

Drs. Eliza and Eugene Sangmuah, as well as the rest of the team at The Med Spa at Matthews Internal Medicine in Matthews, NC, love to help patients get the clear, even skin they’ve always dreamed of having. What’s more, we have an easy solution to these problems that’s minimally invasive, cost-effective, and has few to no side effects.

Laser Therapy for Spots

Many people have discoloration on their skin that makes them self-conscious, especially those that appear on the face. Whatever the reason for these spots, an uneven skin tone can make you feel awkward and self-conscious. Fortunately, laser therapy can help.

When the highly focused laser heats up the surface-level skin cells (known as the epidermis) in the area of the discolored spot, it vaporizes them, revealing new, younger cells in the dermis layer beneath. The surrounding skin is left unharmed, and the treatment can even out your overall tone.

Laser Therapy for Scars

Scarring can be hard to live with, especially if it’s in an area that’s very obvious. Whether you have acne scars, injury scars, burn marks, or general scarring on your face, neck, arms, or elsewhere, laser therapy can be a helpful option. Laser therapy for scars works much in the same way as it does for discolored spots, heating the skin to remove the epidermal layer.

However, not all scars are good candidates for laser therapy. A scar needs to be completely healed before laser treatment can be done, which means you can’t still have any scabbing. Also, Drs. Sangmuah recommend using laser therapy for more superficial scars; it’s not an appropriate treatment for deep tissue scarring.

Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks

Almost every person, as they grow from a child into an adult, will experience stretch marks of some kind. They’re the light red, squiggly lines that turn into silvery trails with age and come from the rapid gain or loss of weight, especially during pregnancy. In all cases, the skin grows and shrinks beyond its ability to comfortably stretch, and it forms a type of superficial scarring.

Laser therapy can remove the outer layer of skin where a stretch mark is located, which minimizes the severity of the mark. The laser can also encourage the growth of new skin cells below the scar, making the area look smoother and more even in tone and texture.

Laser Treatment for All Skin Issues

Many different skin problems can be treated with laser therapy, which is a fast-growing and incredibly effective option for cosmetic effects. Do you still have questions? We’ll be happy to answer them down at our Matthews, NC office, as well as set you up with a consultation with Drs. Sangmuah. Just call 704-912-5928 today or request an appointment online at your leisure.

You deserve to feel comfortable in your skin. Let us help you create the look you’ve always wanted easily and effectively!

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