Suffering From Adult Acne? How Celluma LED Therapy Can Give You Your Clear Skin Back

As an adult, you know that looks matter. Whether it’s fair or not, people judge you–at least initially–by your outward appearance.

Having adult acne can be a tremendous blow to your self-confidence. After all, acne is usually a teenage phenomenon, along with braces; it isn’t a normal adult experience. That immediate difference in your appearance from the norm when you meet others can trigger uncomfortable feelings and silent questions, making social situations less pleasurable for all involved.

If you’re tired of traditional treatment with endless doses of antibiotics that haven’t been effective, you’re probably eager to try a new approach. Celluma LED light therapy is a relatively new technology that kills the bacteria that produces acne.

Celluma LED Light Therapy Technology

Celluma LED light therapy originated from studies first spearheaded by NASA. The LED acronym stands for ‘light emitting diode,’’ a light source that produces light when an electric current goes through it. The diodes, using certain wavelengths of light,can destroy bacteria, stimulate production of new skin tissue, and trigger tissue repair.

Celluma’s patented technology is different from any other laser or light therapy on the market today. It delivers blue, red, and near-infrared light concurrently. The blue light kills the bacteria that produces your blemishes. The red light helps stimulate new collagen, a key protein in your skin tissue that continually renews your skin and keeps it looking youthful. Finally, the near-infrared light reduces the inflammation that comes with acne. It also stimulates tissue repair and increases circulation; all of these factors help produce healthy, radiant skin.

The therapy is approved for nine different uses, and various devices have been designed for these specific purposes. The devices are lightweight and flexible, and therefore adaptable to various areas of the body. If you have acne not only on your face, but also on your shoulders or back, your Med Spa aesthetician can treat all of the problem areas.

Celluma LED Therapy Treatment

Celluma LED light therapy treatment is convenient, painless, and safe. First you consult with one of The Med Spa’s physicians, who evaluates your skin and determines whether Celluma LED therapy can benefit you. If you can receive treatment and decide to do so, a staff member takes pictures of the affected areas of your skin. You’ll eventually compare these photos to post-treatment photos so you can evaluate the difference in your appearance after the treatment.

Your aesthetician gently cleans your face to remove any traces of makeup, dust, or dirt. She positions the Celluma LED device over the area to be treated. The Celluma LED device for facial acne is roughly the shape of an oval. Your medical professional positions the device in a semi-circle over your face, very close to your skin. The closer the light is to your skin, the better results you’ll have. The Celluma LED therapy uses blue light to destroy cutibacterium acnes, the bacteria that produces acne. You may use special eye protectors to dim the bright light, but there is no danger of damage to your eyes.

For treatment on your face, you’ll lie on a table with the device over your face. You can simply rest or take a nap during the 30-minute LED therapy. Once it’s over, you can resume your normal daily activities.

Advantages of Celluma LED Therapy for Acne

There are numerous advantages of Celluma LED light therapy in treating acne.


This LED technology was developed for NASA’s manned space flight operations. There is no danger of heat damage to skin tissue compared to other laser light technologies because LED light has a much lower level of heat. Celluma LED therapy is FDA-cleared for treatment of acne. It’s been tested and declared safe when used as directed.


Acne treatment can involve painful needles that draw out bacteria and astringents that sting. Celluma LED light therapy treatment avoids the use of chemicals on areas where you have acne, and it’s noninvasive.


With light therapy, you avoid long courses of antibiotics that have traditionally been used to treat acne. Overuse of antibiotics leads to drug resistance, a growing problem worldwide.


Your Celluma light treatment lasts only 30 minutes, and you’re done for the day. For significant improvement of acne, practitioners may recommend twice-weekly treatments for about four weeks. You no longer have to see the doctor every week for months on end, as can occur with traditional acne treatment.

For advanced treatment of your acne, call or book an appointment online with The Med Spa at Matthews Internal Medicine.

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